Lost phone with Mobile Pass. Trip starts tomorrow, unused. Will buy a new one. Want a refund of old lost one.

  • 2 January 2022
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Hello, I lost my old phone with my 10-day Mobile Pass registered on it. I was supposed to start using it on January 2nd, but when trying on my new phone could not register it. I have not yet used it and want to start traveling tomorrow. So I need a refund on my old Mobile Pass. I will buy a new Eurail Pass to start traveling tomorrow so my old pass will not be of use to me. Given I NEVER used it and started to request my special case since the day before the original “start date”, I am in position to request a full refund (also have the 100% refund insurance). Thank you in advance.


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The bestway is to contact the Customer Service (they can reactivate the old pass to regist it on a new device :) )

Just select traveling right now and you get soon an answer (other options is to Contact Eurail via Twitter or Facebook) Here in this Group are just few members of Eurail Social Media Team that observe this Group just within business hours :) and no one of the Customer Service Team :)

I guess before Monday non of them will be online here.

Kind Regards and have a nice journey :)

Hey @seewulf do you know if I can get my pass refunded? The activation date is supposed to be today January 2 (I remember putting that in), but I sent the request (link you sent) earlier on January 1st… I am getting on a train in a few hours and am thinking of buying a new 10-day pass because I hope I will get the refund. If not I would have two 10-day passes at the same time. 


BTW thanks for the advices, I have already tried contacting through various platforms.


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Have you restored your previous phone's applications from a backup of google Drive or an equivalent service?

My wife’s phone was stolen on the way, but Rail Planner with her IR-pass automatically downloaded from the cloud to her new phone.

Yes I did restore my backup but unfortunately it did not happen that way... Yet my pass was restored this morning thanks to the customer service team. Swift work done 

@Nanja and team please mark this topic as solved. Customer service team did a great job.