My son turns 12 years old during the activation of the Global Pass."

  • 19 September 2023
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Hello everyone, and it's great that we can assist each other through this medium. I'm Gustavo from Chile, and I'll be travelling to Europe for a few days. Part of our journey will be by plane and some by train. We want to purchase the Global Pass for 5 days. On the first day, we plan to use it to travel from Amsterdam to visit The Hague and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. On the second day, we wish to go from Berlin to Brussels (Belgium), the third day from Brussels to Paris, the fourth day from Paris to Rome, and the fifth day from Rome to Milan. The issue I have is that my son will turn 12 years old while we're in Paris. So, for the last two days of using the Global Pass, he will be 12 years old. How can I manage this situation?


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The age of the passholder on the first day of activation is what matters, if he is 11 on this day then the free accompanying child pass can be used for the full duration even after he turns 12.

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A bit off-topic but please take extra care about mandatory reservations. It is cheaper to make them elsewhere than Have a look at these links :

  • Berlin - Cologne - Brussels : 4.90€ optional (but recommended) through DB
  • Brussels - Paris : 27€ mandatory reservation (passholder quota) for the direct train. Cheaper but longer alternatives
  • Paris - Rome : the direct train to Milan does not run at the moment due to a landslide. What is your travel date ? You’ll likely have to go via Switzerland, longer but very scenic. :)
  • Rome - Milan : loads of trains, 13€ through OBB. Always availability on the day.

Don’t hesitate to come back for further questions.