Only first initial of name is shown on interrail mobile pass

  • 8 June 2022
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My interrail mobile pass traveler name says W. Kaleta instead of Wiktoria Kaleta. Is this normal? Or is this an error? My friends who have eurail passes (instead of interrail) have their whole name written, not just their first initial, so I’m wondering whether I accidentally only typed the first letter of my name rather than my whole name. 


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4 replies

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It should say your complete name but I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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No, this is even a rule to do it that way.

But IF you have more pre-names, all start letters may be noted (or not)-I have that.

IF-in the very rare cases that it happens (I am now in day 10 of a 10-day pass an awaiting the last trip/overnight-and was never checked for ID) the nr of ID (or passpt) is the essential thing. That a foto on it can be years old do conductors also know very well.

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No, this is even a rule to do it that way.

In the mobile pass, you just see what you entered on the website and th website asks the full first name.

Paper passes also have your full name. I just looked at a stack of of them (mostly from DB and ÖBB) and they all have my first name. So if there once was a rule, it must have changed.

But I still wouldn't worry.

Should I leave it as it is then? Or contact customer service?