• 14 June 2023
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Help. I’m trying to add my boyfriend and myself as travelers to a trip. I run into two problems when inputting the paper pass details.

  1. Eurail B.V. is not listed on the Issuer drop down list. I selected DISCOVEREU TRAVEL PASS (CIV 9901)
  2.  Pass Cover Number returns an error. PASS COVER NUMBER DOESN’T LOOK RIGHT

I’m looking to make reservations but can’t if I can’t add travelers.


Any help will be appreciated.




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2 replies

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Where are you trying to make the reservations ? You should go to and add a traveller with a paper pass. Everything should be easy if you've received the passes

Btw there are better ways to make reservations than on : 2€ booking fee per person per train and more expensive optional seat reservations.

Have a look here :

On those websites you do not have to indicate a pass number, in the rare case where one would be needed -> enter the pass cover number. The number doesn't appear on reservations anyway.

Do not hesitate for questions, mentioning route, date and departure time.

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If you need a Pass Cover Number for a mobile pass you have to generate it here: