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  • 12 April 2023
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Hey Guys!


When I Put my Pass into my Phone 2 month ago, I probably accidentally activated it already, without wanting to do so. Now, when I wanted to start my Journey, it's invalid 😞. Is there any Chance to reset it or so? I haven't used any of the travel days yet of course. I'm Happy to hear from you! Best regards! Paul and Lennart 


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2 replies

Hey, thanks for your reply,


I know, have loged a request now. 

I think I accidently activated the Pass straight while adding it, which I obviously didn't want to.

I was hoping there is Somebody Like Nanja Back in the days who can help Out.

She was usually able to sort stuff out. But she is retired now, Ive Seen :( 



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First check what the status is. Go to My Pass and tap on your pass. If it has been activated, then there's a validity period.

If the validity period is already over, then the only thing you can do is contact customer service and ask what the possibilities are:

This is one of the reasons why shouldn't activate a pass in advance.