Technical difficulties- check out 50% pass

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I can’t proceed to checkout regarding buying the 50% continuous pass and I’m worried that the sale will end before I can buy my pass. Can anybody help me why this is going on?

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me too. Well that’s not how a flash sale should end...

Is the uk website the same thing? I bought my ticket from there because I panicked and now I’m worried it’s a different thing or that I got scammed.. 

i bought my Ticket there as well. Got the confirmation with the pass number, pasted it in the Rail Planner App and it worked…so i guess it‘s legit. Haven‘t activated it complet though as i‘m planning to travel later this year :D

I didn’t try to put it in the Rail Planner yet because I was afraid it’s gonna activate right away or smth and I’m also planning to travel later this year. So there is another step for the activating? I couldn’t find anywhere if it also works the next 11 months or not.. 

first you type in you pass number, then you create a trip. The last part is putting in your id or passport number. If you do the last step it gets activated so i just did the first two steps. They have a tutorial on the interrail website where they describe the process ( ) it‘s the german version though..english one doesn‘t seem to load right know…

Our unintentional DDoS attack seems to be very effective. I also can’t buy a pass.

Same here :(( I also sent an email and hope that they will expand the sale or anything 

Same problem here. Trying to call Dutch Railway ticket-office for assistance.


In the queue for 20 minutes..😥

Sadly same problem here, I really hope the sale gets extended…

have the same problem. saw on twitter that the UK website of interrail works.


I tried and you can proceed to checkout and pay but I don’t have a credit card sadly… maybe it still helps some of you

But they don’t sell mobile passes just paper one with 35 GBP costs for shipping...

i was able to select a molbile pass...but i’m not sure if i can buy at if i’m not in the country and not a British national...

Where can you choose the mobile pass? I can’t find it. It just says “Now available as a mobile pass” but I don’t find where.. 

go to the website, select your ticket and press add to basket. Then click “Review and pay” and then it asks you to choose between mobile and paper version. That’s how it worked for me...

I tried it with the UK-Site. It works. You have to sign in as a “guest”, later you will be asked in which way you will the pass recieve, mobile or paper. Have a nice trip everyone! :)

UK Site is down aswell, at least i can’t checkout…

Does somebody know the support email adress? i can’t find it :( :)



Update, I have received a reply on my message. Seems like they are aware of it working on fixing the problem, so hopefully it will work soon. And if not, it's going to be an early birds day for us tomorrow morning I guess?

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Is the uk website the same thing? I bought my ticket from there because I panicked and now I’m worried it’s a different thing or that I got scammed.. 

no, I don’t think we got scammed. I could add the pass code to the Interrail app, so I guess they are legit. :)

The Swedish website also works!

thank you so much. Do you know if its a safe website?


About All Aboard 

All Aboard is a digital train booking service that offers travelers to explore, plan and book train journeys in Europe – all in one place. At All Aboard, you search for destinations, get recommended routes based on expert trips, and book all tickets on the same website.

All Aboard is an authorized ticket retailer that covers the 100 main train operators and offers more than 37 000 unique routes to over 16000 destinations. All safe and secure. 


I bought my passes with All Abord now without any issues. All Abord seems like a legit site, you can google it and get company information. As a Swedish company, it is in the EU and has to operate under Eu consumer regulations. 

I already received my passes (but I am not using the codes, I will wait until I want to activate them). 

Thanks Sanne Bakker for the info! Appreciate it. 

Same problem here...

Same problem here...

Having the same issue - have left email with them and hoping for a response 

yepp, same.

I am having the same issue and I’m worried! I tried with mobile also and nothing. The customer service is answering within the next 48 hours but we only have less than 9 hours left! 

at least i’m at the point, where i can put in my details….but i’m getting error messages all the time...

What can we do? I have also the same problem?


Is there a phonenumber? Or can we make a reservation by email? The sale is only today……...

struggling with the same problem

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what is the support email address?