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  • 7 March 2024
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Hi everyone, I’m currently trying to figure out what would be more viable to get from the U.K. to Amsterdam. I’ve looked at the global pass for 5 days, as we will be travelling via train into Amsterdam from just outside it most days. Can the global pass be used to get to london from elsewhere in the UK, catch the Eurostar, and get to our accommodation just outside Amsterdam, and then do the reverse on the way back (provided we have the necessary amount of travel days left to use)? Given we’ll be travelling via train most of the time there anyway it seems like a pass might be more budget friendly than getting a flight there and back then buying train tickets every day.


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Yes the Global Pass can be used on 2 days in your country of residence. You can do Edinburgh - London - Amsterdam for example.

Note the mandatory seat reservations on Eurostar services (30€ to Paris, Lille and Brussels, 35€ to Rotterdam and Amsterdam).

There's a passholder quota and it's a very popular route so you should book in advance.

Interrail is great value in the Netherlands : no seat reservations, frequent trains, somewhat expensive tickets otherwise. The pass QR-code also works at ticket barriers there so it's great!