What Pass should I choose? Any advice?

Hello I am Mehmet, I am from Turkey. I am doing Erasmus Program in Czech Republic. I want to travel most of the European countries from 25 of May to 25 or 30 of  June. Which pass that I need? and how much money that I have to pay to limitless travel for one month?

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hello Mehmet, relax Global pass is good for traveling. You'd better decide which region to travel to. The cost varies according to living, eating, drinking, preference. I also plan a 1-month trip, I think it is necessary to force 2000 euros.

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Just READ the info in main site about passes-INterRail. Can we expect from a uni-student to be able to find basic info for her/himself? An INterRail allows you only 1 trip OUT and back IN in country where you live (and have proof for if this is not the country of ID).