What Pass should I choose? Any advice?

Hello I am Mehmet, I am from Turkey. I am doing Erasmus Program in Czech Republic. I want to travel most of the European countries from 25 of May to 25 or 30 of  June. Which pass that I need? and how much money that I have to pay to limitless travel for one month?

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Just READ the info in main site about passes-INterRail. Can we expect from a uni-student to be able to find basic info for her/himself? An INterRail allows you only 1 trip OUT and back IN in country where you live (and have proof for if this is not the country of ID).

hello Mehmet, relax Global pass is good for traveling. You'd better decide which region to travel to. The cost varies according to living, eating, drinking, preference. I also plan a 1-month trip, I think it is necessary to force 2000 euros.