Where or how can I get my pass cover number-mobile pass?

  • 7 November 2021
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It being impossible for me to book seat reservations for Thalys trains .Can you please send me that number ASAP, for my online/mobile pass?

Thank you very much in advance!


Best answer by Nanja 8 November 2021, 08:49

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34 replies

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Hi Alexander. I provided you with one via a private message, just now. Have a great day! 

Thank you so much! Lifesaver 😊

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I've sent one over to you via private message just now, Steven. 🙂  Have a great trip ahead! 

Thank you so much, you made my day! (and it's only 9.30 am 😅)

Just passed one over to you Michelle :) Cheers, 

Fabulous! You have been so helpful!


Hi all @Bahnhofsoma, @siggy, @Baobao Lee, @JFB03,

I sent you all private messages. :) Heads-up: Nanja is still unavailable.  


I am looking for the same thing, I saw a reply from @Nanja  and @Leo I believe they are able to give it to us - but only Monday-Friday during business hours. Here is hoping they see this thread and help us out :) 

I'm in the same situation here, not able to book any of the trains that I want on the website but they are all available through the SNCF website.

Could I please get my pass cover number @Nanja ?

Thank you,


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Hi @Camilo Silva, @jenn.hart and @James Denby Wilkes, can you please provide me with your order number via a private message? Thanks, 

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I also need a pass holder number for each of the four mobile passes we have for our family traveling this summer.

The best is to contact customer service.

@Magdalena i also sent you a private message for help with a pass cover number. Could you help? Thank you!!!

@Nanja hI, I am also trying to book a train for Matabiau (Fr) - Narbonne (Fr), via b-europe and  am also in  need of a pass cover number for my mobile pass!

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@Magdalena i also sent you a private message for help with a pass cover number. Could you help? Thank you!!!

@Leah Baillargeon 

There is a long weekend so Magdalena might not be working.



Have you contacted Customer Support through this form and asked for the Pass Cover Number?

Customer Support is currently overloaded with requests so you will probably have to be patient to get help. Please let Customer Support know what date your travel will start so that they can prioritise your request correctly.

For most routes there are different possibilities to make reservations and some don't require the Pass Cover Number.

If you give your travel details: date, departure time and route, in a new post you can get advice on alternative ways to make your reservation. 

I’m in the same situation, @Nanja. Please help!


Trying to reserve my seats from Avignon Gate TGV to Marseille Saint Charles, but I need the pass cover number. Honestly, even with a 1st class rail pass, I’m struggling to reserve my seats for most of my travel. :(


Will drop you a PM with my order number.


Thank you!

@Nanja  Hey! I am also in need of pass cover number asap. I have sent you my order number in PM. 

I seem to have found myself in the same situation :( @Nanja you seem to be doing the lord’s work! Could  you please help me obtain my interrail pass cover number? I would be extremely grateful.


Kind regards,


Hi @Magdalena, please could you help me, I also have the same issue to book my seats… 

I just sent you a private message concerning the detail of my issue ! 


Many thanks !

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@Felipe.iturrieta  is Nanja back in Offfice?  If not please provide the users above with the PassCoverNumbers. 

Wow, this is exactly what I'm looking for! Trying to book my ongoing journey from Sunday onwards, can't book any trains in Belgium and France. @Nanja Could you provide me with a pass cover number as well? That'd be awesome! 😍

I'll PM you with my order no

Also looking for our pass cover numbers. @Nanja I have sent a PM with our details. Hoping you can help or point us in the right direction.


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Just passed one over to you Michelle :) Cheers, 

@Magdalena please could you help me with pass cover numbers,I am trying to book seats with travel b that is selling out thank you.

Exact same issue with me, needing the cover number for myself and my friends and I’ll join the @Nanja tagging train. I can rustle up order numbers but Idk how to pm people on this yet I cant figure it out.

Just wanna use the b-europe website why they make it so harddd

Hey! @Magdalena @Nanja I am also in need of pass cover number asap. I have sent you my order number in PM. 

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Customer service can get you a pass cover number that can be used for the Belgian railways booking website (extra fee: 4 EUR per order)

In addition, you can book without a pass cover number via ACP Rail (extra fee for Thalys: EUR 3.40 per seat).