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First of all, let me tell you that I’ve already tried to contact the customer service through the chat twice two weeks ago, they were supposed to contact me within 48 hours but nothing happened. I then received a notification apologising for the delay and telling me that I will be contacted soon. That was one week ago, and I still haven’t heard anything from the team. 

I am French and I live in Germany for 9 years. I bought the global pass on the last day of the -50% promotion and, unfortunately, in the hurry I put France as my country of residence. I noticed my mistake right away and I directly tried to get my pass reimbursed to buy a new one with the right country of residence, however it was impossible to do that (probably because it was the promotion). So I thought I will contact the customer service, but I still haven’t got any answer from them. 

How can I change my country of residence without losing the promotion? I read in another topic that you need to buy a new pass while paying a 15 € fee. Paying this fee wouldn’t be a problem for me, but will I be able to buy this new pass with the promotion price. 

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I'm afraid you'll have to wait until customer service replies. Did you mention when your first travel day is? That is the most important factor to prioritise the support requests.

Thanks for the quick answer! I don’t think I have. My first day will be the 15th of July, so I still have some time. Waiting wouldn’t be a big issue for me, but I am quite worried I won't be able to keep the promotion to do the change (I won’t be able to pay the regular price financially). Besides not changing the country of residence would very troublesome for my trip since I’ll need to cross France twice (first from Germany to Spain and then from Spain to Italy). Reading the different topics I couldn’t find a clear answer to resolve my situation.

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Unfortunately we can't update your country of residence after you've purchased the Pass. This can only be done by ordering a new Pass with the correct country of residence and requesting a refund for your old Pass (a Pass exchange).''