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Hi, newbies! We are ​​​​​super excited to have you here with us! :raised_hands:

With many new members, with an interest for European train travel, joining the forum, we think it’s important to create a space for you to share a little more about yourself.

Maybe you are new to the community or haven’t had a change to say hello! Either way, we can't wait to get to know you and your aspirations.

So, let's all introduce ourselves  

What's your name? Where do you come from? What are you passionate about? What do you love about train travel and Europe? 

Of course feel free to add anything more. You can share your favorite vacation spot, favorite book, place on your bucket list, picture of your pet, etc. Anything you’d like to share!

-- If you happen to see anyone who is new to the community feel free to share this thread with them!

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Let me kick this off! 

My name is Nanja and I am the Online Community Manager at Eurail. Happy to be here with you and have a chance to create this space for all Eurail and Interrail users (to be), to connect, exchange inspiration and share knowledge with each other 🌍.

I am from the Netherlands and passionate about – yes, no real surprise there – travelling. I especially love to dip into the culture of places around the world and learn and bring home new recipes to enrich my cooking skills 🍴 which is another great passion of mine!  One of my favorite places is Sweden because of its scenic nature and freedom to roam 🌱. In my free time you can also find me looking for inspiration on interior design

This feeling of freedom, with the ever-changing scenic views passing by is what got me to love train travel. The ease of meeting new people and broaden my horizon add to this.

Enough about me, the stage is yours now! 🎤

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Hey Hey, Platform already looking pretty snazzy! My name is Hayden and I am from Johannesburg in South Africa, now currently adventuring in the Netherlands/ Europe. My passion is overall to enjoy as many unique experiences to broaden my own horizons! So looking forward to also tasting your newly learned recipes@Nanja!


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Hi iam Sebastian and love traveling by train. Iam from Berlin(Germany) and work actual for German Railnetwork (Keep everything in shape for your trips in and around  Berlin) before that i had many travels with Interrail and Eurail Grouptours across Europe. Mainly you will catch me ofcourse in Berlin or somwhere in Austria,Switzerland, Northern Italy, Germany and Czech Republic.

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Good afternoon all :) I'm Sarah, originally from the UK but imported to the Netherlands around 18 months ago. People and places are my true passions, and I particularly like spontaneous train trips and exploring little known neighbourhoods. Top of my travel wishlist for later this year, a 3-week Scandinavian adventure.

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Bonjour à tous!

My name is Benjamin and I am a travelholic! Its my passion to collect new countries, especially by exploring them in trains with openable windows. As I am from Switzerland, I love mountains and lakes and therefore boat rides, especially at sunset time. So, in my free time you can often find me on lake constance.

Btw, you get there 50% discount with your interrail pass (many people dont know this benefit since it is not published in interrail app or webpage).

Until now I did 10 interrail trips, and I already have plans for the next ones. But first I will do an trip through Kosovo, Albania and North Macedonia in begin of july, and then a trip to Moldova, Transnistria and Ukraine in begin of September.

I am glad that international travelling will finally get possible again!

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Good Evening,my name is Davide,i m from Milan.

I  m interrailer since july 1990,and our first IR was dramathic,because it was not valid after Bebra/Gerstungen,and the agency ,which sold us it,did not know that IR was unvalid since 1972,in any Eastern European land.

For first IR i did 20000km in one month.

As rail  enthusiast too,i planned many roundtrips based on itinerary of old famous trains,expecially in Eastern Europe(for example “Vindobona”,”Meridian”,”Pannonia Express”,”KAshtan”,”Bulgaria express”,so trips by High speed  Trains as Barcelona Madrid,BArcelona Paris,Bruxelles Frankfurt,Eurostar Bruxelles/Paris-London;Railjet Graz Praha,Villach Berlin.

I was many times to Bucuresti and i m married with a romanian woman since 2001.With my wife i did 8 IR roundtrips too,touching city as London,Paris,Kopenhaghen,Berlin,Oslo,Budapest,Wien.

My last IR is dated september 2020,touching Dresden,BasteiBruecke,Ostseebad Biinz,KAp Arkona,Steam train near Binz,Innsbruck,Berlin,ZUrich,Bernina Express.

I hope, in next july, to get by IR to Bergen,via Lotschberg Basistunnel-Basel-Frankfurt-Hamburg Padborg Hirtshals,then Flambahn.Back to Milan by Oslo Kopenhaghen ferry,ICE Kopèenhaghen Hamburg Berlin..ack to Milano via NJ471 to Basel,then ICE to chur,finally Bernina Express to St Moritz and Tirano.

For my first post is enough


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Hello, I am Albie from England.

I did my first Interrail in September 2018, when I had the fantastic opportunity to travel with the #DiscoverEU programme.

Ever since then, I have been passionate about travelling around anywhere in Europe (and even beyond) by rail, and I am now at 30 countries. I have many Interrail passes under my belt, and am excited to travel using them again.

I also run a YouTube channel where I share my views on different railway experiences around the world ( I have travelled on many different trains to countless destinations, and am always happy to share my experiences and knowledge with others.

Can’t wait to get travelling again!

Look forward to meeting and discussing with you all in the Eurail Community. :grinning:

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Hello everybody ☺️

I'm Nesh from Bulgaria, 38/M. In love with trains all my life. Interrailing last 5 years, but before that I used to work for state railways and we were able to travel across Europe with similar free tickets called FIP. So more than 10 years on European rails 😊

For 2021 I have 60 days mobile pass, still not sure about starting date but I hope before July 15th. Plan is Italy - France - Switzerland - Austria - Czechia - Germany - Belgium and Poland. For me the most comfortable is to stay in a hostel for about a week with daily trips, then move to another one and again and again.

Sorry, English is not my first language, so I ll just do my best 🙂

Stay cool 🥰


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I’m Akif and am from Sweden.


Inspired by Greta Thunberg, I’ve decided to permanently forgo air travel. I was studying abroad in France when this decision came about. After I concluded my studies I had to find an alternative way home; I bought my first Interrail ticket with a single goal – to make it back home. Opening up the map I saw the endless detours—and that’s how I lived the best summer of my life.

Everyone assumed it would limit my travel options (which in a way it has), however, travelling with trains opened up numerous opportunities, lead to quite many unexpected adventures. My proudest achievement is when I returned home after two months of travelling and inspired my mother and sister to join me on my adventure to Turkey two weeks later. My greatest travelling pet peeve is to always be singled out by  border polices.

I’m a molecular biologist by education, currently a microbiologist by trade, a poet at heart and an aspiring author (perpetually stuck in the research phase) by passion.

I’m currently planning my July interrailing if the pandemic will allow it. Fingers crossed.

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my name is Lukas and I live near Vienna.

I haven’t done an Interrail trip yet, but I definitely want to. :upside_down:  As I’m turning 18 this year, I hope to get the opportunity to get a #DiscoverEU pass. I am not sure yet, which route I would choose for my first trip, but I am thinking about Scandinavian or Baltic countries.

However, I have already done countless day trips with trains. Every summer, the Austrian railways are offering a special pass for whole Austria and I always love to visit a new place every day with it. Apart from that, I’ve also done trips to many neighbouring countries, including Slovakia, Hungary, Germany and so on.

I’m already excited for meeting you all and discovering new ideas for future journeys. :slight_smile:

See you,


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Hello! 😃

My name is Dennis and I'm from Denmark. For many years I wanted to try interrail but never got to do it. Then in 2019 at 31 I finally bought a one month ticket! Travelled to Germany, Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and Italy. It was SO much fun! Got to meet so many people (I travel alone as that's how I like it). People are so friendly on travels and I'm very open so it was easy for me to find someone to join every day.

My plan was to do it again in 2020 but then covid hit 😞. 2021 fall or 2022 spring I will do it again after I get the vaccine so I don't need to take PCR all the time.

Also I've recently changed from working in IT to working on sea. This means I'll work one month then one month off. This is because I got tired of a desk job and too little free time. With my new job I'll be able to travel for weeks every second month!! 🥰


Looking forward for more travels!! ^^



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Excited to be part of the community on this new platform! I'm Mattheas, 26 y/o from the Netherlands and - of course - I love travelling by train. I did my first Interrail trip in 2014 (which was my first solo trip as well), and have made many railway journeys with and without Interrail after that. 

I like to have a varied trip and prefer to take the slow route. This way I get to meet the locals and explore some off-the-beaten-path destinations. Spain is my favourite Eurail country. While it may seem like the “worst” country to travel with Eurail, it's much more doable than you might think!

I'm studying data science and I'm a hobbyist cartographer on the side. Cheers!


Hello everyone, so wonderful to be a part of this community! I'm Shawn, born in France but now living in beautiful Tampa, Florida. Very much enjoy experiencing new (to me!l) places and try to travel locally (in the US) three or four shorter trips each year with a longer trip (three weeks or so) to Europe once a year. Train travel is my preferred mode, whenever possible. Not a fan of tours or coach trips but I am planning to try a river cruise very soon. I appreciate being a part of this community!

Hi to all, I am Arturo

Also excited to be a part of this New community, especially since I Love Europe and it has been so since I was a child. I have been to Europe 4 times and always with locals so that I have had the oportunity of tasting the real people and not only the turistic part of it.


I am from Santo Domingo, in the Caribbean, and had plans to visit Europe with Eurail pass 2020; COVID cale and you all know the story. Plans moved first to 2021 but now it surely be autumn 2022, when I will be 50 years old. I will be travelling with my wife and it will surely be a 2 or more months Trip. 


As all of you I like trains and have travel Europe with them, but have never got the Eurail pass. So next year will be my first time with the pass. I will be buying the 3 months global pass and I am preparing my route already. I would like the mobil pass but I have heard it may have some problems using it in some east countries as well as some small towns (perhaps  you can let me know a little of your experience with mobil pass).


well that’s enough for now. Lookibg Forward to hearing from you all and sharing experiences. Anything I can el for helping I will be around.




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Hello everyone,  I am originally from NY and have been living in beautiful Mexico for 35+years.  My spouse and I took our first eurail trip 3 years ago.  We had an amazing experience with ups and downs,  running for trains ( we never missed one), meeting nice, friendly people from all around the world. We are looking forward to another trip hopefully next year. If I can be of any help to anyone else it would be my pleasure 😊.  Looking forward to discovering the new community of eurail. 


I am from Cochin, India. Planned for travel in April 2020 got Schengen visa, unfortunately global travel ban declared, lost money in Air ticket and some lying  in credit shell. Not sure in 2021 when the Eurail travel dream can be fulfilled.

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A few things about me: I'm now 32 years old, from the beautiful region around Cologne and can't deny that I'm from the Rhineland because my glass is always half full and I like to take obsticles with humor. 

So far I only visited Vienna and Amsterdam by train, but would love to change this. My possible route will be Denmark, Sweden and Norway at the next chance. My goal is to not use a plane at this trip.

I enjoyed visiting Scotland, Ireland, Czech Republic and England, they are my favourite countrys so far. 😊

In my spare time I read a lot, watch movies or series and like cooking/ baking. 


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Hello everyone!

I am from Hull UK, I've always liked travelling by train but so far only around the UK apart from the odd train whilst on holiday in Spain and Austria.

Interailling around Europe is very high on my bucket lists things to do, so since it's my 50th next summer and my sons 18th within 8 days of each other I thought that's a good focal point to make my dream reality.

Along with my son and a good friend of mine we have been planning a 3 week trip for next August, yes we've changed our destinations countless times and we probably will do so much more but it's very exciting to look forward to the day we get on that first train on our 3 week journey! 

One of our shared passions between the three of us is football, so we plan to visit some famous stadiums on our journey, even watchba game or 2 would be awesome. 

Look forward to gain some others experiences and tips we've got a long 13 months to plan (and probably change our destinations again!). 


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I’m Tess, a filmmaker from the Netherlands. I live in Spain and have always loved travelling. I enjoy exploring new cultures and discovering the stories of the people who live there.

I made my first Interrail journey in 2019 with my boyfriend after we graduated high school. We went up to Sweden from Spain through France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. 

We would love to make another trip by train through Italy. We can’t wait to try real gelato!!

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Hi my name is Nadine and me and my sister are planning a trip for next summer. We are looking at Eastern Europe for a little bit cheaper and chalking experience because we are our self from the west and have seen al lot around that part of Europe. I am looking here for fun routes and ideas on place you don’t want to miss. And where I am able I will share my advice on the place I have already visited. Looking forward to meeting lot of new people and having cool experiences. 


Hi I am  Mary, my daughter and I love to travel in Europe and over the past 6 years we have visited 13 countries.  We have only traveled once by train and it was extremely tiring experience pulling into Belgrade 4 hours before our hotel check in.  I look forward to reading the travel experiences of others in this platform and wish you all safe travels:handbag:

Hi  I am looking for different places to travel too.. i looking for fun routes and meeting new people.


Hi Interrailers, my name is Csilla and I came from Hungary. I live in Budapest with my daugter and my husband. We were in 2018 in Croatia (Solta Island) by trainand it was a fantastic experience. We would like to explore Europe in this summer (2021) as it possible. We planned it last year but Covide-19 came. So we hope this summer will be better and we can do it. Good travel for everyone. :)

HI!!!! :hugging:

Hi there; I’m Nigel & an author.

I’ve been all over the world, but not so much by train. My new pace of life gives me more options now, so looking forward to some train travel. I may have accidentally created a need to go to Italy, as part of some research for my latest creative endeavour :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to meet some more randomly interesting, random people.