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Hi Folks,

I’m David from Melbourne and, together with my wife, Tegwen, we are planning a european holiday to celebrate our retirement. We left the UK in 1983 and lived in Africa and the Midddle East for 10 years. We moved to Australia 30 years ago. We are starting at Perugia where one of our nephews is getting married in May 2024. The plan is to move on to Florence, then Lugano, Luzern, Lausanne in Switzerland, then on to Avignan, Perpignan in France ending up in Barcelona, Spain.

It’s a bucket list trip!



Hello everyone. My name is Bill and I live in Japan and will be traveling next week to Europe. Really excited for this trip as I have been thinking about it for a long time. I have lived in Japan for 30 years now after moving from America


Hi, My name is Wilma & I live in Winnipeg, Canada (almost in the centre of Canada) with my husband & children. I love to travel but unfortunately have not had much time to travel overseas since having children. I also love photography & digital scrapbooking. I’m looking forward to traveling again - my daughter & I are flying to Paris in May 2024. 


Hi All,


I am Terri from Canada!


This will be my first time using the trains. most all my previous travel has been for work, and tagging on a few days here and there to sitesee. 


I am excited to explore Europe with my husband, and enjoying trip planning for the summer as it is currently been -40C with the windchill here all week!

Hi my name is Alex and Im from Spain and I want to know Europe country to country month to month, I LOVE travel and meet other persons and different cultures and different foods, i dont know how to start but i have ilussions for this. I losted my house and my things and my pets, was stolen for other persons and I get depressed for It but in this i search an option to recover my happiness and my health. I am 27 years old.


Hi, newbies! We are ​​​​​super excited to have you here with us! :raised_hands:

With many new members, with an interest for European train travel, joining the forum, we think it’s important to create a space for you to share a little more about yourself.

Maybe you are new to the community or haven’t had a change to say hello! Either way, we can't wait to get to know you and your aspirations.

So, let's all introduce ourselves  

What's your name? Where do you come from? What are you passionate about? What do you love about train travel and Europe? 

Of course feel free to add anything more. You can share your favorite vacation spot, favorite book, place on your bucket list, picture of your pet, etc. Anything you’d like to share!

-- If you happen to see anyone who is new to the community feel free to share this thread with them!

Hey I'm Matt. 21 years old. Completely new to interrailling and this community. Unsure if I pressed the right button to reply to this post. 

I am from the Netherlands, specifically North Holland. Currently studying Pedagogical Sciences with a deeper interest in clinical/forensics. I enjoy trying new things, cars, games, canoeing. Train travel hasn't been a good first impression. First time I travelled by train outside the Netherlands, was to London where there was a 5 hour delay. Thing I love about Europe, is how everything is just around the corner. It amazes me everything how quickly you can be in a different country with a variety of dialects and cultures. 

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I am proficient in six languages, working on two more, but I admit I am as unhurried as a local German train. I know how to snag a free drink in the train restaurant without lifting a finge. I can doze off in night trains, where seats are typically meant for standing. I have practically earned a diploma in finding seats, even in seemingly impossible situations. My life spans several countries, allowing me to spend a full 24 hours traveling by train. 


Honestly, my motivation for reaching out here is a bit sour 😤 😭 My partner received an invitation to a meeting for active members in this community in Utrecht this April 24, and I did not. While I haven't been actively engaged in this community, I have invested a significant portion of my salary throughout my life for Interrail global passes. First I got thought traditional Interrail paper tickets. Now, with the move toward digitalization, I'm navigating this shift.


I feel a bit miffed about not receiving an invitation, especially considering my extensive Interrail travels. At least I wish to get an internal notebook, but I have never even got a notebook from Interrail. I am interested in becoming active here because I have unique ideas about the interrail community and a wealth of knowledge, not just about train connections but also about the subtle tricks and nuances of travel and maybe I will still get a shot at joining the community in Utrecht this April 24th.

My name is Don from Vancouver, BC, Canada, my wife, Barb, and I have decided to travel to Europe for the first time. We have been retired for several years now and most of our other travels were south to Mexico, Hawaii and Caribbean Islands, so this trip will not be like anything we have done before but looking forward to travelling by rail, so we may need some help.

Looking forward to visiting historical sites, sight seeing and trying local foods, this fall. We have 6 weeks, starting in Amsterdam heading south, stopping along the way, ending up in Rome.

We are Mike and Margaret and will start our train travels within 2 weeks.  We live in the US, the state of Florida. 
we have traveled by train in Thailand and Australia are super excited about our travels in Europe.(6-8 countries and numerous stops)We have a 60 day Global pass and will be staying at  AirB&B during our travels.

I do have hundreds of questions but please let me know any of your travel by train tips and I am sure some of those questions will be answered.

Thanks and I look forward to your advice.  See you on the platform.


My name is Margaret and I will be a newly minted retiree when we begin our trip - FREEDOM!  Oops I see Mike has posted earlier… oh well I can’t delete so you get to hear from both sides of our beautiful team.  

Mike and I are about to embark on a three month trip through Europe traveling by train with a couple of ferry trips added in. This is my first trip to Europe so I am very excited.  While we have planned our locations, sites and hikes, we have left time to just soak it all in and quietly enjoy. Additionally, we are staying with local people rather than at hotels to better experience areas. 

We have traveled by train in Thailand but this train trip is by far our most ambitious.  As we progress with our travels I know we will be drawing from the community’s expertise as we are so inexperienced. 

We have two other trips planned this year Guam and Australia but they will not be by rail 😊 

Thanks everyone and happy travels!