bruxelles midi - Platform Map? Do we have enough time to Transfer?

  • 26 April 2024
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Hi. In short, we are trying to figure out if we will have enough time to Transfer Trains in Brussels. (Bruxelles Midi).

We will be changing Trains in Brussels - on our way from Ghent to Luxembourg, ultimately to Trier.

One of the possible routes shows ICE Trains coming into Brussels on Platform 7. We would then transfer to Platform 10, for the next leg to Luxembourg. There is less than 10 minutes between the two trains. We are hoping that Platform 7 is close to Platform 10. Without a Station Map, it is hard to determine the distance. We will both have a rolling suitcase. One of us has a slight back issue. We can walk, but we are not fast (or power) walkers.


If anyone has been to Brussel Zuid (Bruxelles Midi) can you tells us how far apart the Platforms are?

Is 7-8 minutes enough time to get from Platform 7 to Platform 10?


We have heard that the Tickets will be good for the full day. So, worst case scenario, if we miss the Train (that is 7 minutes between), there should be another one after that?


When we travel, we like to see (ahead of time) where things are. We have looked and been unable to find a MAP of the Brussel Zuid ( Bruxelles Midi) Train Station. We are not looking for a Google street map, not looking for how to get to the Train Station. We are looking for the layout of the Station itself - that shows where the Tracks/Platforms are located. We would like to get an idea of how far apart the different platforms are.


For RomeFlorenceBudapest, and some other cities, it was helpful to view the Train Station Layout Map, so that we knew ahead of time where we would need to go. If someone has a link, showing the layout, we would be greatly appreciative. Sometimes, we even look at YouTube videos - sometimes someone will post a "Walking Tour" that shows the entrance, the Ticket Counters, and the escalators leading to different Platforms and Tracks. We looked for this also, for Brussel Zuid, and were unable to find one.


Thank you ahead of time.


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Here’s a map:

As trains to Luxembourg are frequent and do not have reservations, it’s no problem to take the next one when holding a railpass (same for Luxembourg to Trier).

If the arriving train is on time, the connection will work.

If you are going from Gent to Luxembourg, you may consider going via Liège - faster, nicer views en route and no change in Bruxelles but an easy one at Liège-Guillemins - personally I’d stop at Liège for at least half an hour - an impressing station that is worth a sightseeing stop.

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Wow. We thank you. This is perfect information. The MAP is just what we were looking for. And your comments are reassuring.  We WILL look into the Liege option.  

Thank you, very much

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Hektor. We have a follow up question. Which company (which website) do you recommend using, to book from Ghent → Liege → Luxembourg?   For most Trains within Belgium, we have used “”. Since this trip (Ghent to Luxembourg to Trier) crosses borders, we initially used “” (I think it is the SNCB International). For German routes, while in Trier and Cochem, we were told to use “” or “VRM”.  It is a bit confusing. When i search for the route (Ghent → Liege → Luxemboug” I find “”.  We were told not to use 3rd party re-seller sites, but instead use the native country’s website.   


So, which website would YOU recommend for “Ghent → Liege→ Luxembourg”


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Why don’t you get an earlier train from Gent to Brussels Midi-there are around 3 an hour? This will give you more time to change platforms which will involve going down stairs and back up-or walking down the platform to the lifts. 

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When are you travelling? 

Note that there are many works going on the next weeks, on the Brussels-Luxemburg line, with replacement busses or longer detours. The most obvious connection the next two weeks is indeed via Liège.

If you travel later (after 13th of May) Connection should work out fine outside of rush hours, no problem to take an earlier train. The train to Luxemburg starts in Brussels Zuid/Midi, so it should be on the platform 10 to 20 minutes before departure. Enough time time to find a good seat. 

With a bit of luck, there’s an I6-carriage in the consist, consisting of separate compartments of 6 seats. Making it a far more comfortable option, but with less nice views, than the Liège-Luxemburg train.