Can't reserve any seats via the eurail reservation portal

  • 3 July 2022
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Every time I try to book a train (Paris → Stuttgart) 20th July 10.55am I have absolutely no luck. I can select the seat reservation, add it to my cart and then when click on ‘confirm traveler details’ it redirects me back to to home page (and my cart is empty).


I’ve tried it with other reservations to see if it’s just that leg that isn’t working/no longer available (no luck same for anything I try to book). I tried changing browsers, clearing cache and cookies. Still no luck!


And before anyone suggests, yes I went to the train station and called and each time they offered me a reservation price of 60 euros (as opposed to 12 euros on the eurail booking portal). So that’s not a solution to what seems to me simply to be a bug with the Eurail website.


Has anybody else had the same problem and had any luck getting around this?


(I’ve been trying for two days now without any luck).




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If they offer you at the station just the option for 60€ it look like the Seats for Railpass user are sold out :/ I am not aware of limited seats on the route from Paris to Stuttgart but maybe SNCF have them now even on that route.

as Plan B you could reserve a TGV till Strassbourg and cross then with a regionaltrain to Offenburg/Karlsruhe and connect from there further to Stuttgart.



Thanks for your response! I’ll look into the Strasbourg route. 


But the only problem is that I can’t reserve anything online! The website just keeps glitching. So I really don’t know if i’m doing something wrong, but I’ve been using the website without a problem up until yesterday. So no idea why it’s not working now.. As I said, I feel like it’s just a problem with the website

Thanks all the same for your help!


I have had a similar problem. Is it the case that there are no longer trains available on Monday 25th July from Brussels to Hamburg or just that I'm not able to reserve a seat? Any advice welcome please! Is it not advised to turn up in Brussels and try to book a ticket the weekend before? We are a family of 4...thanks.

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@Rachel Garside-Jones From Brussel to Hamburg no reservation needed only optional with using ICE of Germany railways and changing at Cologne. You can book a reservation in 2nd class via with the seat only option for 4,50€/trip. 

Thank you so much. Have just reserved seats on Much appreciated!