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  • 21 July 2021
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Hi to everyone! We are a family of 3 & plan to get the EuroRail Pass to cover different countries in Europe. We plan to get 1st class (for cross border routes) & 2nd class (for within the country routes). May I get clarifications & suggestions on the following:

  1. If the route does not require seat reservation, will we still need booking or reservation for the trip? Or we can just board the train & choose any seats. In such case, how do we know the seats are not reserved?
  2. Can seat reservations be done done online (unless otherwise specified)?
  3. There are some routes that require some kind of “tariff or supplemental fee” How much are these generally and where can these fees be seen.
  4. There are some routes with limited EuroRail allocation. How can we ensure we can get into such trip using the EuroRail pass.
  5. In case you miss the train where you have a seat reservation, can you use it for another time slot?
  6. Is it advisable to make the seat reservation considering the cost? What are the chances we will still be able to get seats without reservation.

Sorry, it’s quite long. Thanks in advance. Keep safe.



2 replies

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  1. If no reservation is required, then just add the train to your trip and to your pass and hop on. Many trains cannot be reserved, so then just take any free seat. If seats have been reserved, then there will often be an electronic display or paper card to indicate for which section(s) it has been reserved.
  2. Many reservations can be done online. Where/how, that depends on the train.
  3. Please have a look here:
    If you don't find your train, then please ask a specific question.
  4. AFAIK, that is only for long distance trains from/to France (including Thalys/Eurostar/Lyria). There's no way to make sure that you can get a reservation other than booking it early.
  5. If you miss a train because of a delay, then you're entitled to use the next available connection to your destination without any extra costs; your tickets must be made valid for that connection if needed. If the next train doesn't require a reservation, then you can just add the next train to your trip and hop on. If a reservation is obligatory, then ask railway staff as soon as possible (e.g. on the delayed train) to check how you can continue your journey.
  6. If a reservation is advisable or not very much depends on the specific train, the time of the day and the day of the week (Fridays and Sundays can be busy in long distance trains; Saturdays too in the holiday season.)
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3. Not all traincompanies are fully part of the network and offer discounts for Railpassholders for example Interlaken  - Lauterbrunnen offer a 25% discount 


Another example are the OBB (Austrian Rail)  Daytrains from Germany/Austria to Italy they charge a supplement of 10€ in 2nd Clasd and 15€ in 1st class. 



To get it right you wanna buy 2 different passes for everyone? A 1st classpass and a 2nd Class pass? 

For the most Routes there is no bih difference on Reservations between 1st class and 2nd Class (forexample Italy both 10€ for Highspeed Services or TGV wirhin France 10€(limited) or 20€ :) with a 1st class pass you always have the choice if you wanna use 1st or 2nd class :) and which Class depends in my experience by the country :) As in some countries there is only just more legroom between the seats and in other countries you get even a complimentary meal service ar your seat. (UK) 


Or a standard at the seat service from the dinning car (still have to pay for the meal but you can eat it at your seat and no need to go to the dinning coach by yourself :) )