How to get Reservations :)

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Please read first and if you still have questions start a own topic to keep this post as Informationpost as clean as possible.

This post is made by @rvdborgt  @AnnaB@runner.on.rails  @Angelo and myself. 

Many of you will notice that the Railplanner of Eurail will have sometimes different times of the trains as other Websites/Apps. Or evenworse the railplanner wont show any train for your desired Route. The Railplanner of Eurail only shows the timetables that are shared by the Railcompanies unfortunately not all Railcompanies share these and even update it not frequently. The Result is that the Railplanner of Eurail is not always uptodate and because ofthat I and other experienced travelers recommend to use the Local Websites and Apps to check the times and even book the reservations with them (when possible).

Below here finally the main words :D
Hi if you are useing a Railpass there will be the point that a train needs a Reservation 🙂 Many of you ask where to get a reservation for a specific train.

First of all there are 2kinds :)
Supplements like the Intercity Direct in Netherlands or the German/Austrian - Italian Supplement on Eurocity & Railjets that have to be paid and doesnt include a seat :/.

And Seatreservations like the TGV,Eurostar or Thalys that include in the supplement fee even a seat reservation.

There are several ways reserve a seat :)
A. on the Website of the Traincompany that operate the train.

B. at the trainstation (On major stations you have “International ticket desks” they often can reserve even trains in a different country for example you can reserve your TGV from Munich to Paris already in Prague 🙂 )

C. Via the Railplanner app of  Eurail itself :)  a small service fee will be charged

D. Via the booking Callcenter of a traincompany.

E. Via a Reservation service website or a well experienced Railagency :)

More informations provided by the Man on Seat 61 :) 

General Websites to reserve trains here you can find out which websites can help you. 

We highly suggest to confirm the times of your trains in the Railplanner with Local Railplanner apps or atleast with one of the major ones. I general i recommend even to plan your trips with these app instead of Railplanner. a good helpfull website of Mark Smith.

Manuals for several websites.

German Rail 🇩🇪

Daytrains on (Not for Italy) 🇦🇹

Bordercrossing Eurocity/Railjet Italy - Austria/Germany  🇦🇹🇩🇪 - 🇮🇹

Italian Daytrains booked via 🇮🇹

Nighttrains on (Several Routes)

Reservation within the UK (by rvdbrgt)

Reservation of Caledonian Sleeper (by rvdbrgt) 🇬🇧

Reservations for Trains in Spain (by rvdbrgt) 🇪🇸

Reservation for the International TGV/AVE France - Spain (by rvdbrgt) 🇲🇫🇪🇸

Reservations on the website of Hungarian Rail 🇭🇺

Reservations on the Website of Czech Rail 🇨🇿

Reservation on the Website of Swedish Rail 🇸🇪

 Reservations within Denmark + Denmark - Hamburg 

Domestic Reservations within Poland (just 30days in advance)

 Thalys, Eurostar, TGV France - Belgium 

TGV France to Luxembourg & Germany 


TGV France - Switzerland 

Reservations France - Italy 

Greek Rail 

Reservations Switzerland - Italy 

Croatian Reservations 

Turkih (Turkey) Reservations 

@rvdborgt  @AnnaB  many others and myself will try to keep this uptodate and help as much we can with  advices :)

Kind Regards.

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Domestic trains in Turkey

Reservations are free of charge (except for couchettes or sleepers) and can only be obtained at a ticket office in Turkey.

To book trains in advance, TCDD customer service ( recommend to buy full price tickets at, and then exchange them for free reservations at a TCDD ticket office. Full price tickets can be fully refunded until 15 minutes before departure, and for 80% after that.

!Please ask questions in a new topic, to not overload this one!

I’m not sure if anyone else has posted this, but there’s this website through ItaliaRail that allows you to book reservations for Italy trains with the EuRail pass. It specifies the trains where you need a reservation or not and the times are more extensive than on any other site I’ve checked.

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For Italy it is best to use : no booking fee at all. Add Interrail/Eurail as a discount and select one-way tickets.

The only exception is domestic night trains which are best bought on