LONG response times from booking search engine are keeping me from being able to make seat reservations

I have been working for two solid days to secure a mandatory seat reservation on a train from Vienna to Utrecht that is a critical leg of my planned trip.

Most of the time when I try to search for trains the search times out before I get a list of possible trips, and this is true regardless of what I enter for the origin and destination of the trip.  I just get a spinning wheel that eventually times out before any train connections are shown.

On the rare occasions that the system shows me some options for the desired train trip, if I try to select the mandatory reservations and add them to my cart, the cart usually shows them as added.  But when i then try to purchase the seat reservations, I either get back to a spinning wheel OR the site logs me out automatically OR I get told that the reservations I selected are no longer possible.  When the last happens, I am not given an option to go back to the previous search and select either a different level of seat reservations or a different route.  Instead, I am forced into doing a whole new search and inevitably it’s back to watching a spinning wheel with no results showing up.

What gives?

Anybody know of a way of contacting a human being to report this problem?

Because right now I’m regretting my choice to purchase Eurail passes since I can’t seem to get the mandatory seat reservations that I need for my trip.



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You can reserve the Nightjet Vienna - Utrecht easily directly on even with Eurail just follow this manual (saves you even the service charge)


Seewulf’s guide gave me exactly what I needed to complete the reservations directly. And yes, it even saves the service charge. :)

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ALways best to try to find the site of railway concerned-or the ALTernatives that are posted on this forum for the most asked for trips.