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  • 23 September 2023
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Anyone experience a delay compensation request?

I just discovered that the delay compensation starts @ 1 hour and i already have 3 different days of more than an hour delay. It is not clear what proof you need and what proof I can get a few days after the fact ( Does services like zugfinder count?). Does Interrail self find the delays?


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3 replies

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I've submitted a few. 

Make sure you keep notes of the trains you wanted to travel on/ did travel on, and arrival times.

I was never asked for any proof, just screenshots of my travel diary & ticket. I guess they are able to look up the delay somewhere if they need.

I guess it doesn't hurt to get confirmation from the staff onboard, but in my cases this wasn't necessary.

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I usually make a screenshot of the timetable where the delay is shown. 

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There is no requirement to supply proof of delay, but it may speed up processing the request.