Interrail app has crashed and lost my Pass and trip

  • 13 May 2024
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My Interrail App crashed on my phone. When I got it to run again it didn't display either my Pass or my trip. When I attempted to add my pass again it says that it already exists on my device and that I should be able to select it but it is not showing. Please advise what I should do as soon as possible. I am travelling tomorrow early morning so need to sort it out very quickly. Thanks for your help


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6 replies

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Try to deinstall the app and then download it again. It might work.

Thanks for this. That has restored the Pass but my Trip details have disappeared. Any ideas? 


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Can't help sorry... maybe they'll reappear maybe they won't.

I log one train at a time, at the station before boarding. You could do that too, instead of adding all journeys at once (for the hassle)

That's great, thanks for all your help 

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This also happened to me but uninstall and reinstall brought back all my passes and trips.

Unfortunately, each year the app seems to have a bug like this.

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Just happened to me as well.  I followed this advice and it has worked. But major stress meanwhile and missing a train...