7 days travel in one month, travel day 7 doesn't work in the app

  • 23 October 2023
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Nowadays we give each other service, while no direct service communication is offered by the interrail organization. How can I reach them, by phone or e-mail?

Ok, my case:I bought an Interrail pass, 7 days whitin 1 Month (October).  I used 6 days and want to travel my last day 7. Via the app I read: ”No travel days left. It looks like you used all your travel days. You’ll need to buy a separate ticket to make this journey”

And the I can only press the yellow button that says “GOT IT”  

This while I don’t get it:  I paid for 7 days in this month and have 1 more to go. If I cannot activate my day 7, wich will be in 2 days from now, I will be in trouble as the controller will ll find me in the train without QR code.

What to do?


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Did you by mistake activate a pass day in advance and then you didn’t take trains that day ?

You can contact customer support on and explain your honest mistake if that’s the case. However they likely won’t answer until tomorrow. To avoid getting a fine I’d recommend buying tickets and then Interrail may or may not reimburse them.

When and which journey would you like to make ?

Btw the month period doesn’t work using calendar months but as follows (example) : 27th September - 26th October.