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  • 27 February 2023
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We live in the UK. We booked and paid for 2 rail tickets with bike spaces (no they do not fold down) from our home town to Newcastle where the ferry to The Netherlands sails from. Then afterwards we bought a 3 month Eurail pass and realised it INCLUDES one trip to port of leaving your home country and one back from port of re-entry in your home country to our home town. I have been to my local rail station and they say there is no issue with giving me a full refund on these tickets - BUT nobody seems to know how to add our bike spaces (2) onto this Eurail pass! They just look blankly at you as it’s not a UK company! Any tips appreciated - I am going to get the money back as it was £122.60!!! Thanks Community…...


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You don’t need a seperate pass for your bikes.

Taking your bike with you varies from country to country, company to company. There’s no straightforward answer.

Sometimes limitations for use in rush hour, sometimes a small extra fee, sometimes a reservation for the bike spaces on the train, and some trains have no bike places at all (notably older trainsets or TGV-related trains). Newer trains usually have good bike spaces.

In general, the more bikefriendly the country, the easier it gets, it’s quite doable in Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, for example.

Here you find an overview the different situation, country per country: