Caledonian Sleeper no option to add manually

  • 6 May 2024
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As suggested by experts, for Caledonian sleeper journey from Edinburgh to London Euston, we have to add the journey manually with time as 00.40 CET, But I don't see any option to add manually now.

Also, I can see 2 trains journey by Rail planner starting at 23.40, which one to add and how to add? Are both Caledonian sleeper?

1) Edinburgh (23.40) -->(00.11) Carstairs (00.20) -->(6.40)Watford (6.53)-->(7.09)London Euston

2.)Edinburgh (23.40) -->(00.11) Carstairs (00.20) -->(7.15)London Euston


And below screenshot showing no option to add manually, add to journey redirects to planner page.



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4 replies

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On the first page you linked with the search results, scroll down.

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On the first page you linked with the search results, scroll down.

Thanks for quick response. I am interested in Caledonian Sleeper which starts at Edinburgh on 17/05 at 23.40 (17/05) and ends at London Euston at 7.15 (18/05). When adding it manually, I understand i need to add start date and time in CET. Do i need to add end time also as per CET. Am i doing it correctly? 


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Timetables are always in local time. However, a travel day starts at 0:00 CET/CEST (= 23:00 in the UK), BUT the rail planner app does not adhere to the pass conditions of use and uses local time to determine which travel day you need. This has been a known issue for a few years now and unfortunately, no solution is in sight. The workaround is to enter a train manually with a departure time after midnight local time.

@Mukhammad @Camilo. any update on how the app deals with the start and end of a travel day?

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HI @rvdborgt 

We have forwarded this to the App team, but no answer yet. I will push it tomorrow in our weekly meeting and let you guys know.