Flexible Use of tickets with german Strike May 2023

  • 11 May 2023
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As the german trains will nationwide be cancelled from 14th to 16th May, DB has asked Travellers to -if possible- do Their travels from 11th to 14th May before the strike hits and has therefore Made it possible to take any similar train on These days if one has booked a Ticket that is affected from the strike.


Is the Interrail Ticket also valid on the days beforehand for The same route i booked for May 15th? Does anybody have experience with this or a similar Situation? Big thanks XXX


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2 replies

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You can cancel a travel day and chnge it for a day before.

Reservations need to be rebooked via the company where you buy it.

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Hi @Nadja987654321,

If you have any reservations purchased from the Interrail website, and those reservations will not/can't be used due to strike, please contact our customer service team by submitting a request via

It will be helpful for the team if you provide the reservation order number (R202XXXXX), the PNR/DNR, copies of the e-tickets as attachments, and the attached proof of cancelation (if applicable).

Have a nice weekend!