How much is the limit for the tickets cost for the pass of 4 days within 1 month?

  • 10 May 2023
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I cannot find the limit of the ticket’s cost for the 4 days in month pass. I mean it costs 194euros but how much of the ticket’s cost do i save if i buy it?


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Well it is up to you to compare with regular ticket prices.

The Pass is your ticket, you can take as many trains as you'd like on a travel day at no extra costs. You need to add seat reservations on top of the pass on high-speed trains in France, Spain and Italy + on some cross-border journeys : usually about 10-20€ but more on Eurostar, Thalys, TGV to Switzerland, Barcelona or Milan (mainly). Except Eurostar the more expensive ones can be avoided by taking a regional train across the border

If you want more precise advice, let us know your itinerary

I mean in the other pass the cost i save is 251euros of tickets plus getting discounts for staying to hostels. So i want to know exactly how much is the limit of the cost for tickets.

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What is the other pass you're talking about ? As you seem to live in Greece you'd need an Interrail pass

I have never heard of a pass which gives discounts for hotels

Do you mean the DiscoverEU pass that you've won ? Then I'm afraid I cannot help

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I have never heard of a pass which gives discounts for hotels

I haven't checked if there are discounts for hotels, but there are discounts for hostels.