How to use Interrail pass on Zuerich suburban SBB network

  • 4 September 2023
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First time Interrailer here - so please excuse what may seem like a really dumb question.
We are staying in Zuerich for a few days and want to be able to use a spare Interrail day on SBB’s suburban routes in the area. So:
a) Can the pass be used on Zuerich’s SBB trams?
b) If not, can I use it on SBB trains in the suburbs?
If yes, in either case, do I have to find the actual train/tram journey in the timetable and add it manually, every time we use the train? (This seems like a bit of a pain given that trains run every 5 - 10 minutes in places.) Alternatively is it possible to use the SBB app with its really easy swipe on swipe off feature when you get on and off trains. Maybe I’m missing something…?


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3 replies

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There is no SBB trams. Sbahns are included, except those operated by SZU and FB. Have a look into the offers of ZVV they might be more attractive than wasting a interrail day. btw for 26fr you get 9uhr pass valid for all the public transport in ZVV area including the ships on lake Zürich (on weekday only valid from 0900 on weekends whole day)

Thanks - I think I was confused because the SBB app works for trams and buses in Zuerich, so assumed they’re run by SBB. My mistake.

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there is over 200 different public transport companies in switzerland. you can buy all the tickets with sbb. since decades you can buy a single ticket from a to b, no matter how many legs with different companies are included.