Seat Reservations for Milan to Grindelwald

Hi there,

My partner and I are planning to train from Milan to Grindelwald on Wednesday 31st July.

I see we need to take a bus from Milano Centrale to Domodossola and it’s saying “seat reservations required” however it isn’t showing an option to purchase a seat. Does anyone know what we need to do for this? I have attached a screenshot of this below:

Then we will take the train from Domodossola to Spiez, Spiez to Interlaken OST and Interlaken OST to Grindelwald. It says “You’re ready to board” for these segments, so we are unable to book a seat reservation for these. I’m worried that not confirming a seat reservation could mean we aren’t guaranteed a seat on these trains. Do we need to do anything else for these trains to help ensure we can catch them?

Thanks for your help.



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There are engineering works between Milan and Domodossola from 9th June to 8th September. Trains are replaced by buses. As far as I know reservations are required for the bus but those don’t include a seat number. It’s rather to make sure nobody is standing.

Passholder reservations seem to be available anywhere (how much do they even cost?). For peace of mind I might buy a 13€ regular ticket for this leg.

Seat reservations are unnecessary within Switzerland: they’re rarely possible and nobody makes them anyway. Hop on and sit wherever you want! :)

The Domodossola - Spiez direct train at 09:58 is quite scenic as it takes the Old Lötschberg route (rather than the base tunnel). Make sure to sit on the left side for the best views.

Thank you for your quick reply thibcabe :)

In response to this:

“Passholder reservations seem to be available anywhere (how much do they even cost?). For peace of mind I might buy a 13€ regular ticket for this leg.”

I’m confused as to why it isn’t showing me an option to book a seat reservation and the cost doesn’t come up for me as shown in the screenshot. Do you think there an issue with the booking system or do I need to book this directly with the bus company?

Many thanks

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Oops I meant “passholder reservations don’t seem to be available anywhere”.

It’s rather that companies forget about Interrail/Eurail passes or at least it’s not their priority. Your pass is fully valid on the replacement bus, that’s for sure but would they let you on without a reservation?

Trenitalia organises the replacement buses but they don’t offer passholder reservations on their own website (even for their trains).

I don’t know what’s the solution (except buying a 13€ ticket on and forgetting about the pass for that bit)...

Thank you thibcabe! I may have to wait and check back on the website a bit later or will look at buying the ticket on Trenitalia.

Appreciate your assistance!