• 19 May 2024
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Hello. We are using the mobile global pass and will travel from Venice to Avigliana on 9 June. Seat reservations are required on the first two legs of our journey. Should we purchase these on line now or wait until we arrive in Venice and buy them at the station? If we purchase the seat reservations on line now, will we need to print out the seat reservations? Or can we present the QR code from our phone to the guard? Thank you. 


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You may do whatever you like. Both options are possible.

If you do reserve your trains right now you do have them for sure. If you do book them with Train tickets in Europe - Search & Book on Rail Europe (desktop version only), you do not have a booking fee and it’s possible to choose concrete places from a seating plan for 2 € additionally. It’s posssible to get the reservation as QR code so you don’t need to print them.

But it’s the same price at the station (even the additional 2 € for choosing seats).