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  • 9 September 2023
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Good afternoon, my husband and I are about to travel to Switzerland in November with the Eurail Pass. It will be 4 nights, three and a half days (including the day of arrival). But I have a lot of doubts because I can't understand the Bernina website, among other things…. We will stay in Zurich. My intention was to take a day trip back to Bern and go to Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen, and on the last day take the Bernina Express to Tirano (with luggage) and continue to Milan. It's viable? Would it be the best alternative? Would it be possible to take another scenic tour besides the Bernina Express? Can I make reservations now? How do I make reservations and pay for seats?! Anyone who can help me, give me tips, I would be super grateful!!!!


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Sure, the Bernina Route is fantastic at all time of year and a must-do ! It is also conveniently on the way to Milan. I really recommend it.

Seat reservations are not a thing in Switzerland unless you'd like to travel on the panorama carriages of the Bernina Express : 20 CHF reservation on

It is not an issue at all to take the reservation-free regular carriages at the front (less crowded, pull-down windows = better for pictures) or to take the hourly regional train on the same route. I can testify that !

Something else -> please note that Interlaken Ost - Lauterbrunnen is not covered by Eurail : you only get a 25% discount, tickets can be bought at any train station.

Do not hesitate for questions. :)

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Here is the best route :

- IC3 Zürich HB - Chur 07:07 - 08:22

- BE Chur - Tirano 08:28 - 12:49

- R Tirano - Milano Centrale 13:08 - 15:40

This is the itinerary with the least changes but there are obviously more trains.

Hola! Thank you very much for responding!!! It was a great help!!! I have a few questions, if you could answer I would really appreciate it. The first would be: are the seats that do not require reservations comfortable (with reference to the Bernina Express route, other than the seats that require reservations)? The second: I know that I can use the Eurail Pass unlimitedly during a trip from one point to another (I can take more than 1 train which only counts as 1 trip, even if I take more than 5 trains to my destination within 24 hours). But if I were to use it to go and return to Bern from Zurich (on the same day) how would I have to make it so that only one spent pass counts?! What would it be like?! Or can I only use the pass from one point to another and returning to the starting point? Thank you very much in advance

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I don't really pay attention to seats but I'd say that the quality in 2nd class is the same. 1st class is usually better on all types of trains.

Anyway you'll probably stand for a while to look over the open window.

You can take an unlimited number of trains to anywhere on a pass day. You could do Zurich - Bern return 3 times if you wanted to. :)