Swiss Couple - 2 Weeks Northern Europe

  • 17 March 2024
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Hi guys, we are a Swiss couple (both 21 year old students) and we are currently planning our first Interrail trip.
We found this forum which helped us gather information and tips and after reading a few posts for journey reviews from fellow travelers, we decided to do the same!

So here is our draft journey:

  • Day 1: Lausanne -> Bruxelles (7h23 - 14h27)

  • Day 2: Bruxelles

  • Day 3: Bruxelles -> Rotterdam (7h49 - 9h49) / Rotterdam / Rotterdam -> Amsterdam (19h24 - 20:05)

  • Day 4, Day 5: Amsterdam

  • Day 6: Amsterdam -> Hamburg (5h59 - 11h01)

  • Day 7: Hambourg -> Stockholm (8h50 - 19h37)

  • Day 8, Day 9: Stockholm

  • Day 10: Stockholm -> Oslo (6h02 - 11:10)

  • Day 11: Oslo

  • Day 12: Oslo -> Copenhagen (7h27 - 18:29)

  • Day 13: Copenhagen

  • Day 14: Copenhagen -> Kiel (13h26 - 17h57)

  • Day 15: Kiel -> Lausanne (9h02 - 20h16)

We would be very happy to have some feedback from more experienced travelers :)

We also have the following questions:

  1. What do you think of our journey as it is ?

  2. What is the pass that we need to fulfill this journey ? Would the 10 days pass work ? Should we adapt our journey to make it work with the 7 days pass ?

  3. What would be the approximate total budget per person for this trip ? We calculated about 2000 EUR per person but as we have no real experience for this kind of trip we would greatly appreciate some kind of help for budgeting the total expenses even though we realize that it greatly depends on the lifestyle we will be adopting (consider the average traveler).

Thank you so much for your help, truly an amazing community!


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Looks good! Keep a close eye on mandatory seat reservations (extra costs). They could be a significant part of your budget, especially if you go through France :

For example the TGV Lyria to Paris costs 29€ and the Eurostar to Amsterdam 32€. There is also a passholder quota on the latter train so you should book well in advance. There are ways to save money, for example :

  • reservation-free trains via Basel, Strasbourg and Luxembourg
  • Strasbourg - Brussels TGV for 20€ (also passholder quota)
  • longer route via Cologne

2000€ seems very reasonable yes. You should book accommodation in advance as it’s peak season.

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Looks like a nice trip. When will you be travelling? Many international trains to/from Germany have mandatory reservations in the summer. Especially the trains between Hamburg and Copenhagen will be very busy.