T3 singolo sleeper vs doppla cabina intera

How can I be sure Ive booked a double sleeper for 2?  Eurail site offers a T3 singolo , while Trenitalia offers a doppia cabina intera?  Is this the same thing?


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Please mention route, date and departure time.

T3 singolo sounds like a contradictio in terminis: T3 is something else than a Single.

doppia cabina intera will be a Double for 2 persons. Booking such a reservation will be cheaper on (desktop website), since Eurail adds a booking fee.

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I looked at a random Italian night train on a random date (Milan-Lecce on 10/7) and indeed saw a "T3 Singolo”. Price €248 for 2 persons, which means that this is 2 single compartments and not 1 Double.

You should be able to book 1 Double for the both of you on

@Camilo. @Mukhammad 

This issue with Italian night trains continues to exist. Basically, the Interrail/Eurail website never offers a Double (for 2 persons) or T3 (for 3 persons), it only offers very expensive Single sleeper compartments. When will that be fixed?

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Hi @rvdborgt 

We escalated this issue in April, but we still haven't received a response from our specialists. I will ask about the current status of the process.