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  • 1 April 2023
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URGENT: On this route (in picture) it says on the board at the station that there will be a replacement bus from Worgl to Salzburg. Does this cost any extra and how do I find it/know which number it is when I get off the train??


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3 replies

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Rail replacement buses are included.

Follow the crowd, there'll be people indicating the bus stop.

Add the journey manually if the app doesn't show the bus

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Here is a screenshot of the SBB App, you'll have 17 min to take the bus, that's plenty :)

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Also update your app if the planner still shows this journey. My app has this train correctly ending at Wörgl but doesn't have the replacement bus yet, which you'll indeed have to add manually.

And here we see again why the rail planner app is unfit for planning purposes.