Travel to several cities in one travel day

  • 30 March 2023
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Hi everyone,

so I’m planning to travel from Zurich to Innsbruck and Vienna in one day/same day. Can I do that with my one travel day? or should I activated the travel days I have for each City or Country that I wanted to visit even tho I travelled in a same day?


and I also have a plan travelling from Zurich to Titlis. can I use the interrail ticket? or should I buy a normal ticket instead?

btw I’m going to use Global pass

thank you in advanced

2 replies


To answer your first question…...You need not to utilize more than one travel day as you are traveling on the same day. However, you just need to add more number of trips on the same travel day and you are ready to go.


Regarding your 2nd question……..If you wanna go to Mt Titlis, You need to go to Engelberg first and from there you need to purchase your tickets to go to the Titlis which are not covered under  your Eurail Global pass. However, from Zurich you can travel to Engelberg by utilizing your Eurail Global Pass. There won’t be any problem with that.


I hope your purpose is addressed.

Thanks and Happy Traveling.


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Sure you can do that. You can use as many trains on a travel day as you want.

Titlis is a mountain, so it depends a bit how close you want to get. You can surely use the train for part of the way, e.g. until Engelberg, which is included. And it looks like some/all of the lifts from Engelberg have a 25% discount, if I understand the validity map correctly.