Trouble making seat reservations from Paris to Bayeux

  • 17 May 2023
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Hello fellow Eurail travelers!

We have our Eurail Passes, made reservations via the Eurail app, but cannot seem to make the seat reservations online. We’ve gone through the Help suggestions, and so far, are still unable to make the seat reservations. 

We would appreciate any assistance. We are traveling at the end of this month.

Thank you kindly!



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Paris - Bayeux cannot be made online. Use any SNCF ticket machine when you arrive and you'll be fine. :) There is availability last-minute

- 1.50€ per person

Thank you so much for your quick response!

A follow up question:

On our Eurail Pass, we have “reserved” passage from St. Lazare to Bayeux, and several days later the return trip. At this point, are these journeys reserved, or are they only reserved once we have seat reservations? Once we get to the station, is it possible that there would be no seats available and thus we would need to take a different train at a different time?

Thank you again. We are having some difficulty understanding how this all works, so your assistance is appreciated!


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The app only gives you the ticket but it doesn’t know whether you have a seat reservation or not. So no, the journey is not reserved. You can add the train to the app 2 min before boarding and it won’t make any difference.

That’s why on trains with mandatory reservations ticket inspectors want to have a look at both the app and the seat reservation (PDF or printed).

It is possible that the train is sold out but very unlikely. For peace of mind make the seat reservations at any SNCF ticket machine (not necessarily at St-Lazare or Bayeux), it works a few days earlier.

Usually TER regional trains do not require seat reservations but Normandy region decided to make an exception… I guess because too many people take the train to go to Paris in the morning and back. As you’ll do the journey the other way around, it shouldn’t be a problem at all. :)

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Hi, your Eurail Pass is your Ticket. It works like a diary where you add all trips you make.

On top some trains need a reservation.

Via APP you can't book or reserve trains. You get connected to the eurail website for booking a reservation but they not connected with the pass.

In summary, I’ll need to reserve seats at the train station in Paris, show my seat reservation and my Eurail Pass to the ticket inspector once on board the train. 

Is there anything else that I need to do online Eurail?


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Yes at any French train station

In big stations (in a few countries) there are gates to access the tracks : there you speak to staff, show your seat reservation and/or pass and they’ll open them for you. Sometimes the QR-code works but it is rarely the case.

On trains requiring seat reservations you show both the seat reservation and the pass yes. On all other trains the pass is enough.


Thank you so much!

I really appreciate the clarification!