What global pass cover?

  • 18 April 2024
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Hello Eurail  Community Team,

Does Eurail Global pass cover local travel within cities trains / busses / trams as well?

if yes, under what condition?

and if No, how to do within city commuting?


Thank you


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Included in the pass are the participating railway companies. And since they usually don't run buses, trams and metros (with only a few exceptions), these are not included.

Suburban trains are often included, but e.g. not the RER in Paris.

What tickets work best depends on the city and what you want to do.

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In general, city transport isn’t included. You have to buy local tickets (or sometimes just use a contactless credit card, like in London).

A few train lines in London are included, but not the tube. S-Bahn (commuter trains) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland are included, but not the U-Bahn (underground). There’s a useful service in Brussels, linking Brussels-Nord, Centraal, and Zuid stations.

If you mention the cities you will visit, we can advise better.

Hello @ralderton,

thank you for your help,

I will be visiting as below:






Berlin, perhaps day trip to Hamburg

Interlakken + jungefraudoch



Florence + Pizza






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OK, I know a few of these

Paris - you can still, just about, buy paper tickets, good for one trip on the metro. Buy singles, for €2.15, or a carnet of 10 for the price of 8. They’re going to double in price this summer for the Olympics.

You can also buy a Navigo card for €2 from a metro ticket office, and load it with tickets instead. Tap on the barriers to enter. Top up at a machine.


London - London Overground, Thameslink, Elizabeth Line trains, plus a few commuter lines in South London (not really useful for tourists) are included in the pass. Add to My Trip like any other train. Your pass won’t open the barriers, you have to show it to staff.

For Tube, bus, tram, DLR, riverbus - just tap your credit or debit card at the gate (even if the gate is open) and the fare is automatically calculated and charged at the end of the day.


Germany/ Austria/ Switzerland - most S-Bahns are included (notable exception: Zürich-Ütliberg). These will get you around a few stations in the city, but you’ll probably need to use other transport

For bus, tram and U-bahn, you can buy tickets from the local transport authority - eg BVG in Berlin. Expect to see machines at tram stops and stations, sometimes (not always) you can buy onboard. Usually a mixture of tickets available - single trip, return, 24h, 48h etc. You can often buy online too. You rarely have to show the ticket, it works on the honesty system.


Venice - if you’re staying in Mestre, you can use the trains to commute to Santa Lucia station in Venice proper. From there, you’ll be walking or taking vaporetti (water buses). Lots of complicated ticket options for this, and quite expensive. Try to concentrate all your vaporetti on one day, to save money. Line 1, along the Grand Canal, is an absolute must, but busy. Lots of Venice is walkable. Pay a couple of € for a traghetto (crossing in a gondola) over the Grand Canal if you’re far from a bridge


Pisa and Florence - very walkable. I didn’t use any transport. I did try to get a bus in Pisa but they didn't accept cash so I gave up.


Brussels - you can use the pass for trains between the three main stations Brussel-Nord, Brussel-Centraal, Brussel-Zuid. Not valid on the metro. A lot of stuff is walkable from Centraal.


Rome - use a contactless credit/ debit card on the metro. Some (perhaps all?) buses also accept it. You’ll be taking the bus a lot, as the metro isn’t very useful in the central area.


Amsterdam - another place that has contactless credit/ debit card payment. Tap on and off the buses, trams and metro.

Thank you @ralderton,

for above plan/visit I count 12 to 13 travel days, so which Global pass should I get?

15 days in 2 months, or 2 months continuous?

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Thank you @ralderton,

for above plan/visit I count 12 to 13 travel days, so which Global pass should I get?

15 days in 2 months, or 2 months continuous?

If you only travel on 13 days, the 15 days in 2 month pass is sufficient.