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  • 5 December 2023
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I am a parent who bought a flexi pass (10 days within 2 months) for myself (adult pass) + a kid pass + young adult  pass (16).
Now, I am wondering, since a young adult is with me and since i’ve got a phone travel passes for each person: is it possible that young adult uses that code separatly on her phone, and do some days of travel on her own. For example if she wants to travel home sooner. 



Thank you.

Biba SJ


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7 replies

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Yes, it’s better that she has the pass on her phone, otherwise she won’t be able to travel separately.

If you haven\’t already added it to your phone, she just needs to download the app and register the pass.

Thank you,

one more question … How it goes then with the usage of the days:
does it mean that, if she has pass on her own phone, she has 10 days within 2 months or is it 10 days all together for all of us?

And also, if she uses back to home country journey, am I still able to use that one?


Thank you so much

Biba SJ

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You have three separate rail passes. They all work independently.

Obviously your younger kid will be always taking the same journeys as you, but you older kid might be taking different journeys.

I understand that, yes.

Just wondering how the number of days are subtracted: 

is it 10 days for me and the kid and 10 days for the young adult if we use different phones…

for example: we travel 4 days together and we are left with 6 days. Then she goes and travels 2 more days. Does that mean I still have 6 days, or we all automatically have 4 days left.

Same question with in/out travel … if she goes back to the home country, does it mean that I still can use in/out journey, if I travel home couple of days later.


Sorry if my question in previous post was a bit unclear.

Thank you again

 Biba SJ

Ok, I just saw the first sentence of you reply. 

They work independently. 

Got it. Thanks

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You have 10 days each to travel. Your and your daughter's passes are not linked in any way so you can travel separately as you like.