2025 swiss and Italian trip

  • 10 February 2024
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Hi, I’d really appreciate any advice.  I am wanting to

book a trip as a surprise for my husband in April 2025  The plan is to fly into Milan, get a train from Milan to Brig, then the Glacier from Brig to Chur, the Bernini from Chur to Tirano, and then a train from Tirano to Milan  with an over night stop off around Lake Como along  the way.  There will also be an overnight in Brig and Tirano. 
Can I buy an 5 day Global Interrail to cover all the trips 1st class? (Appreciate till need to pay reservation for Bernini and Glacier).  I’m also concerned about availability - I can book now through a rail holiday company who will bespoke the trip and reserve all seats now but will charge handsomely for it and I feel I can save £700 doing it myself but want to make sure I’m doing it all properly!! There will be 2 adults and one child travelling so I think child age 7 will be free.


many thanks for your time!


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You are way too early for 2025! Timetables will be published in October-November and tickets will be released about 3 months in advance. The travel agency won’t be able to book earlier, they’ll only hold your money. It’s easy to do it yourself, don’t worry. :)

There are reservations on the panorama carriages : 49 CHF Glacier Express, 36 CHF Bernina Express (2024 prices). Also possible to take hourly regional trains on the same route : less busy, pull-down windows on the RhB network.

Children indeed get a free child pass but they pay reservations too.

It might be cheaper to get separate tickets (Saver Day Passes in Switzerland) instead of the pass. A Junior/Family card cost 30 CHF for a full month of travel in Switzerland (6-15.99 y.o.). Those calculations will need to be done closer to travel date.

Btw those are beautiful train journeys, good choice!

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!  So may I ask that the Interrail is definitely ok to be used for all the journeys and that can be purchased 11 months in advance?  Great to know there are also the regional trains just in case what I needed wasn’t available when it comes to booking!

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Yes everything would be fully included but there’s no need to book the pass right now. I’d wait for a sale, there will likely be one around Black Friday.

As I wrote above (just edited my post) separate tickets might be cheaper but in the end Interrail might be the most convenient choice.

Brilliant thank you again👍