App not accepting Pass Cover Number

I was trying to add my pass cover number to the app and it says it won’t accept it. It is only showing 7 numbers rather than the 8. Has anyone else had that problem? It seems like it’s happened quite often, but I didn’t see a solution in the comments accept reaching out to customer service. 


Best answer by rvdborgt 17 May 2022, 23:46

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Where in the app are you adding a pass cover number? Is there an error message an if so, could you post a screenshot?

Hi, It’s on the Rail Planner app. I was adding my paper pass cover number. It says there should be 8 numbers that start with E on the back of the card, but I only have 7 numbers



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Is this for using My Trip in the app instead of on paper? In that case, I'd say just use the paper…

And indeed, as far as I know, there should be an E and 8 digits. The pass cover number should be above the QR code.

Do check if there's an app update because they might have changed something.

Thank you. That helped @rvdborgt. I was looking at another number on the back of the card that had an E.