Bernina express seat reservations double booking ?

  • 5 April 2024
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As a first-time user of the Eurail pass, I've already reserved seats through the official Bernina Express website ( I've paid 36 CHF for seat reservations by selecting the 'Eurail pass' reduction option. Interestingly, the website didn't prompt me for my Eurail pass number or any related details; it simply applied the discount


Now I believe I already made the seat reservation (selected seat which I want). However, I'm uncertain whether I should also book seats through the Eurail pass website, as it seems to cost an additional 120 EUR. Could you please advise me on whether booking seats through the Eurail pass website is necessary or recommended?




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No, don't book anything through Eurail. You've already got reservations.

Reservations and pass are totally separate so it's not unusual that the system doesn't ask for a number. Simply show both the reservations PDF and the Rail Planner app onboard.

Btw if you find the panorama carriage too loud and busy go to the reservation-free regular carriages at the front. They've got pull down windows! :)