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So I am planning a trip over 12 days. I plan to do a Round trip between Krakow and Auschwitz on the 16th and then take a night train to Prague (the same evening). Then I plan to take a train from Prague to vienna on the 20th, followed by a train from Vienna to Munich on the 22nd, then a night train from Munich to Paris on the 25th. I currently have a 5-day in a month pass to be safe but I am wondering if I should get a 4, especially because the train to Prague was initially going to be the next day. The money saved would be very nice (I bought the 5-day when it was $310 back in February).

Also, unrelated to the original but the Train between Krakow and Prague has some disruption to the line. My Chzech knowledge is nonexistant and I cannot tell if the disruption will affect the scheduled night train.



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If you paid in dollars, did you buy a Eurail pass? If you live in Spain you need to buy an Interrail pass. 

There is a fee of 15 EUR for exchanging passes.


I am an American citizen and I live in Spain. I bought a Eurail Pass not and Interrail one