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  • 14 February 2023
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I am attempting to use my global pass and book from Munich, Germany to Florence, Italy.  What would be my best resource for booking?  I cannot figure the app out and am willing to pay a service fee



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Badge +4 for German trains, search seat only for some German as well as Austrian and Italian, searching for tickets adding in Eurail pass as discount.

I don’t see where to add the global europass code


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you add it as discout: Interrail/Eurail Global Pass

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This is NOT as such a german train-with that we mean purely domestic. IF you want to RES and if its even possble (only on IC and ICE) then its daft easy via - click on seat only. Cost 4,50, incl 2 if a transit is needed.

THESE INTERNAT trains -for those going TO and In IT there is a 10€ supplmt to pay for passholders. Will be collected to utter surprise and anger of many by conductor as last step if not done before.

IF you also want to RES-as such not mandatory, then you can do it also via bahn or for 3€ on (austrian rails) as explained above. As so many times told here; if not done that, you run a tiny small risq of having to stand-perhaps only part of the way.

Note that there are just a very few of those train that run all the way to Firenze-others divert and go to Venezia or Milano. In that case change Verona and have to RES for an IT TrenITalia train onward.