Best way to go from Paris to Madrid

  • 5 June 2022
  • 3 replies

Is there any trains I could take from Paris, have a connection somewhere and then have a night train from that city that would arrive in Madrid the next day? I’m trying to fit this trip into one travel day. I found a night train from Paris to Narbonne and then narbonne to Madrid but we would change after midnight so that’s a second travel day. Thanks. 

3 replies

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As far I know there arent any night trains anymore from Paris or Barcelona to Madrid. So, your only way to use only one travel day is starting earlier in Paris and use only day trains.

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In Spain there are no night trains anymore.

There is a night train though from Paris to Portbou.

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You MAY be able, with loads of luck, to day it in 1 day by using (summertime only) 1st TGV through to Barcelona (expensive supplmt) and then the hourly RENFE AVE onward (cannot really easy be booked beforehand) It may in the end even be about same price using 2 days and overnight to Post BOU-local to BCn then AVE-olus that on dep. day you could also do a nice daytrip out of Paris somewhere not too far. (Reims for the champagne, Dijon for the mustard,  Strasbourg for the EU-institutions, LIlle for the northern flemish sfere).