Buying and using Global Pass for non EU Passport holder

  • 21 July 2023
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Hello my family and I are hoping to travel from the UK to Spain (travelling across the Channel into Paris, down to Barcelona then down to Malaga in Spain).

My wife is Spanish and holds a Spanish Passport and ID card. Myself and our child only hold a UK passport.

Sorry if this is a stupid question but I believe as my wife is a Spanish National, she can purchase the Interail pass (which appears to be cheaper than a Eurail pass), however can she purchase 2 for us as well - and can my child and I use them, as we are non EU citizens (thanks to the stupidity of Brexit!)???



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No, everybody needs to buy an Interrail pass. The UK is still geographically located in Europe. The validity area isn't restricted at all to the European Union borders : Norway, Switzerland and the UK are for example fully included and use Interrail.

Eurail and Interrail exactly cost the same but one is in € and the other in $. offers a bit cheaper passes btw

Another question : when are you travelling ? Eurostar and TGV to Barcelona are very popular so book well in advance. Keep in mind that you need to add seat reservations :

- 30€ Eurostar (passholders quota)

- 35€ TGV Paris - Barcelona

- 10€ AVE Barcelona - Malaga

However regular tickets are very expensive anyway...

@thibcabe - thanks so much for your answer that clears the confusion up on my part. We are hoping to travel in August so it might likely be too late …..anyway i will check this out more now appreciate it! :)

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Unfortunately you cannot check Eurostar availability on until you've bought a pass so check here :

Do not hesitate for questions mentioning your travel date, I'll gladly help. It should still be possible to travel, maybe unless on a Sunday. Definitely book ASAP though.

There are a few alternatives, for example :

- if London - Paris is full check London - Lille

- if Paris - Barcelona is full check Paris - Montpellier and cross the border using regional trains

- etc.

As long as regular tickets are available on, seats are available.