Can a resident of Germany travel with Eurail?


I am currently studying in Germany and therefore have the residence permit (not a citizen of Germany), but I would like to travel with Eurail, since I bought it already with the price cheaper than interrail. Can I use this? Or I have to use Interrail instead?


thanks a lot!


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shouldn’t be a problem as long as you have your passport with you… no one will then check if you live in Malaysia, Brazil or Germany… main thing is that passport information matches.

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Warning: if you intend to travel a big lot IN DE and if that is f.e. near daily the same route-and back, then it may very well be that after some time a conductor will start asking questions-as such there is indeed a ruling that this is not really permitted-but it is rather vague. Conductor can check your passpt for how long you already stay in DE and DB does have a very few and very thorough special check-teams you had better avoid in such situations.
But on the old style paper passes this was much easier to detect (all written) on the new style mobile passes much harder