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  • 21 October 2022
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My friend not used all days from this month. (Global pass 7 days)

But she/he would Like to (move not used days) 

from October to next month november.

Is there option available/possible to move not used days from october to november?

Because he/she would like to travel but he/she doesn’t have any time left now in October, end of month is coming.


she/he loved interrail so much, but sadly now end of month is coming,

 she/he doesn’t have any time more left.


kind regards 

and all the best


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4 replies

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We need to know what type of pass your friend had, but it would seem unlikely that any unused days on a flexi pass could be moved to after the expiry date.

They are clearly sold as X days in Y months, so if you have used 5 days of a 7 days and it is a month since you activated your pass you “lose” the 2 unused days. 

With a continuous pass of unlimited travel for a month even if you only used one day in that month there is no option to extend the period of validity.

I think it was global pass, 7 days month. I will tell her, she will be very sad.

My friend didn’t used a lot days from October, because she/he was very busy with work.

Yes my friend activated pass in the start of october. 

Oh that is sad, what a shame and I thought I could help my friend, so he/she would be able to travel to her favourite places.

It is my friend first time travelling and he/she loves it.

Kind regards

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Well, everything is clearly written in the T&C… so nothing to be sad about (except maybe that your friend planned it wrong)

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The pass is only valid for a calender month if the pass was activated on the 1st of a month. If a pass is actived on the 10th of October it will be valid until the 9th of November.

What date did your friend activate the pass?

If your friend already has made one travel s/he will most likely have used the outbound/inbound travel days so s/he will have to pay a normal ticket to/from the border if the pass still is valid.