Can I get a cover number for paper pass?


G'Day !     

Just ordered a paper pass.  I note that delivery is estimated at 2 weeks.  

Is there any way to generate a pass cover number for a paper pass?  I'd like to make reservations as soon as possible, because the route is popular (Brussels-London via Eurostar).

I'm asking because 2 years ago I had a pass, and got the following error when trying to purchase reservations on this route:  

  1. Eurail B.V. is not listed on the Issuer drop down list. I selected DISCOVEREU TRAVEL PASS (CIV 9901)
  2.  Pass Cover Number returns an error. PASS COVER NUMBER DOESN’T LOOK RIGHT

But I don't remember the solution, as this was about 2 years ago.  Someone told me to use a different number and ignore the cover number on the jacket  I apologise for my confusion.

Thank you kindly !  


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