Can I use the 1 month Interrail Pass every other day for short trips?

  • 10 May 2022
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Hi there

I’m been travelling from Switzerland to Barcelona with Interrail. The place where we stayed is about an hour from Barca with the Rodalies de Catalunya which ist operated by Renfe and therefore should be included in the Interrail Global Pass. In Barcelona Sants they let us pass when we showed the Interrail ticket. But in the small station we left the train, they did not know Interrail and would not let us out (you need a Tickets to put in the machine or a badge). I plan another trip to the same place and now I’m having a 1 month pass. So it would be ok to use the Interrail pass every other day for the short travel to Barcelona and back. What would you suggest to do?

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FIND some document in Espanol-, like on the interrialsite-it will also have an /es/ section- or even catalan, that YOUR pass IS, yes IS valid on ALL of RENFE and they should let you pass by. They probably have never ever seen a mobile pass and sdisrust it, as local tickets for rodalies are all with chip/stripe. This is a fairly comon prob in EsSpana and is just 1 of the various reasons why this country tops the bill of being IR/pass UNfriendly.

BTW-if you come back late and there is no staff, you are even more out of luck.

Using passDAYs for these trips will also cost you far more as buying local tickets.