Can’t book 50% off tickets!!!


Ive been trying to book promotional tickets for last few days and I either get a error message and the page won’t load or I get to the page but get a loading bar when trying to add my passes to the basket. 

Please help!

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The 50% sale is still on for another 2 h so you can try now if you haven't managed to buy a pass already.

Is there a 50% off sale on now: March 13th 2023 yes 23, onwards or not? I saw an article in the Independant saying this sale was on now. Is it or not, because whenever l go online to find this offer it sez error page & I'm directed too the 10% offer

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The 50% sale was only because of the 50 year anniversary of Interrail last year. It’s not likely to come back in the near future.

The 10% discount returns quite often and is on sale now.