Cannot activate pass

  • 23 May 2022
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Cannot activate my pass. Similar to many others users here.

Note that

  1. use latest version of app
  2. already turn on enable error loggin
  3. i would to travel on this friday 28 may.
  4. order number is eu30635299 and #XC62V1
  5. if too difficult, can i simply activate manually at train station ? 

see error msg below. Yr kind support is appropriated. 



Best answer by ppuree 24 May 2022, 11:32

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3 replies

I just got contacted by support team. 
This problem would cause to one using bhuddhism year (or other non christian /gregorian year). 

Simply change For iphone.. goto setting → language → calendar → gregorian . Then it should be fine. Hope this is helpful.


I had sent the issue to customer support  as well. I have no response so far. 
My version is ios ver.23.2

it looks like i need to keep waiting then. How long normally does it take for the reply? 2 days?
it seems to be very common problem.  Wish u cud fix this bug soon.



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You'll need to contact customer support. Give them all information and do mention your travel date.

Do you have iOS or Android? Which version?