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  • 23 September 2021
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I want to pay in CAD or EUR but the website is only in USD when I go to make a reservation on my phone. Can anyone help me with changing the currency from USD? There is the option on desktop version but I do not have a computer accessible as I am travelling, and the desktop view does not display on my phone. 


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2 replies

Hello, I am a canadian trying to book my seat reservation for tomorrow in Italy. When I go on my phone it always comes up in USD. But I want to pay in CAD or EUR. How do I change the currency on the website on my iPhone so I can pay in the correct currency? I can’t seem to find the button to change this on mobile but I know there was one when I booked my pass on a computer. 

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Hi, the currency cannot be changed in the mobile version of our website at the moment, but the amount will be charged in EUR.